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Dr. Moudathing's Almanac

Sun Cost:

  • 250


  • 5.25 Seconds


  • 2 NDS
  • 1 NDS Corrosion Damage per second
  • 8 NDS to Metal-type Mouth Things
  • 3 NDS Corrosion Damage to Metal-type Mouth Things per second

    Propelleafa healing a Fume-shroom.


  • Endures up to 6 bites


  • Straight
  • Multi-lane (3 lanes)


  • Shoots in 3 adjacent lanes.
  • Levitates; flies with propeller stem leaves.
  • Can be moved to different lanes; click on Propelleafapa and then click on the tile you want her to fly to. Propelleafapa can also be "planted" above occupied tiles.

Propelleafapa spitshotting its corrosive juices not healing juices.

  • Can heal any plant you choose Propelleafapa to heal; vomits a tasty, succulent fruit juice on a plant and heals them of 5 HP as well as boost their damage by x1.5 for 15 seconds.
  • Corrosive shot juices cause over-time damage per second


  • Propelleafapa makes the best cocktails and drink mixes which she makes with her signature vomit juice which might sound disgusting but she is a plant and oh boy it tastes amazing. She doesn't like alcohol so kids can enjoy her drinks.