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Dr. Moudathing's Almanac

Sun Cost:

  • 50


  • 35 Seconds


  • Eat Damage (per bite): 25 NDS
  • Contact Damage: 6.25 NDS
  • Nearby Damage (2.25 tiles): 2.5 NDS per second
  • Mold Whip Slap: 0.75 NDS


  • 35 bites (1st stage)
  • 45 bites (2nd stage)
  • 70 bites (3rd stage)


  • Close
  • Mold Whip Slap range is up to 4.75 tiles away.
  • 2.25 tiles for nearby over-time damage.


  • Is a versatile plant can be an offensive and defensive plant.
  • Deals damage to Mouth Things if damaged by contact such as Gargmouthing smashes.
  • Deals damage to Mouth Things that eat it.
  • Has a 10% chance of completely devouring a Mouth Thing; chance increases to 25% when at 25 HP, chance increases to 35% when at 15 HP and 50% when at 5 HP.
  • Grows progressively bigger the more Mouth Things it eats; also grows bigger the more time passes. Damage increases by 0.25 NDS every time Mold grows.
  • Eats Mouth Things after killing it.


  • Mold is very disgusting like he eats pizza and hamburgers with a knife and a fork? I mean who does that?
Image11 - Mold Growth.JPG